Bypass Surgery Diet

2015 Bypass Surgery Diet Information

What To Expect From A Bypass Surgery Diet

A gastric bypass surgery is simply a weight loss surgery. There are different types of gastric bypass surgery but they all will typically involve the reduction of the size of the stomach, the bypassing of part of the small intestine or both. The surgery will result in changes in the amount of food a person can eat at a sitting and how the food is digested and absorbed. Because of this, a bypass surgery diet must be followed and adhered to.

The type of bypass surgery diet recommended by the doctor will vary depending on the type of gastric bypass surgery performed. The diet will also be tailored to suit individual needs and circumstances. The diet will be drawn up by a dietician in conjunction with your personal physician. The aim of the bypass surgery diet is to ease you into different eating habits. The stomach is made smaller during the surgery therefore it will only be able to contain very little amounts of food. The diet should spell out the quantity of food your stomach can take and digest without causing complications. Immediately after the surgery, the diet restricts the amount of food to avoid eating amounts that will expand the stomach, thereby compromising the healing process.

Another very important purpose of the bypass surgery diet is to aid in weight loss, as this is the reason for the surgery was performed. The surgery alone will automatically cause significant weight loss due to the reduced stomach size. However, a smaller stomach will not on its own ensure that the weight stays off. Even after the bariatric surgery, individuals will still need to watch their diet.

The bypass surgery diet is of two types; the pre-gastric bypass surgery diet and the post-gastric bypass surgery diet. A patient will be put on a pre-surgery diet about 3 months before the gastric bypass surgery is scheduled to be performed. The type of diet the patient is on will depend on their health, weight and other factors the doctor may put into consideration.

The pre-surgery diet is taken alongside light exercises in order to aid the patient lose some weight before surgery. Losing some weight before surgery is vital as it reduces the risk of complications arising from the surgery. The pre-surgery diet is also a pre-view to what the post-surgery diet will be like. Patients have the opportunity to start getting used to the habit of eating healthier, smaller meals at more regular intervals. Sometimes, the patient will be put on a liquid only diet a couple of weeks before surgery.

After the bariatric surgery has been performed, the patient is put on a post-surgery diet. The post-gastric bypass surgery diet is one that progresses in stages. The stages are usually four parts, with the first stage of the diet consisting of consuming a liquid only diet and at the last stage, a solid diet is allowed. The first stage of the diet will last one or two days after surgery. This is a very crucial part as it allows your stomach to start the healing process. The post bypass surgery diet will last about four months but this duration will depend on the particular patient.

This has been a pretty general article on your bypass surgery diet but we hope it has answered some questions for you. We will be updating regularly concerning bypass surgery as well as adding huge catalog of bypass surgery diets for your health and enjoyment.